Lighten Up!

I don't know about you, but in the past (which means about a week ago :-) ), I was SO very intent on judging the hell out of myself! It was as though my Inner Critic was having a free for all and I didn't seem to be able to stop it!

The more I judged myself, the more I seemed to be entrenching myself in the field of negativity and certainly out of my Flow!

It was Exhausting!!!!!!

The more I couldn't find the Good Feeling Thought the more I judged myself for not being 'spiritual/evolved/enlightened' enough to find the Ease and Joy of my Life and how I KNEW it could be!

So how did I do it???? That is, get back into the Flow?

Well, I stopped making it such a Huge Flipping deal! I am Fully Human and Fully Divine and part of that  humanness is dealing with those fears, thoughts, feelings that if I allow, can catapult me out of the flow to where I'm stranded up on the banks with my face and hair caught up in the grass and leaves! You can picture it right? Hair all askew, mud smeared on my face! :-)

Part of me wanted to lie there along the riverbanks for awhile and sing the "somebody done me wrong song"...which I did :-), but eventually, I wanted to quiet those fears and get back in my little inter tube and resume my journey of floating down that peaceful, flowing river.

Sooooo, I started noticing that voice that would whisper that I was a fraud, that voice that said "good mamas don't lose their temper with their children, good partners treat their spouses lovingly...always." Just a few of the phrases that would come pouring in.

I began rebuffing those voices with a Lightness, saying, "yeah, so that wasn't one of my most stellar moments, and I am going to forgive myself", and "well, shit, I did it again!; I'm gonna apologize AGAIN!' and "I know that I could choose to focus on what didn't go well; I have been REALLY good at that in the past, but I'm going to choose Kindness and ALL that did go swimmingly"

Lighten up on your Sweet Self today and Focus on ALL that is Flowing smoothly for you!!