I am more excited about this summer than I have been in a long time. Not that my summers have been heinous up until now, far from it, but I've made a choice as to HOW I will spend this one.

I had to do some Soul searching and weed through the fear, anxiety and whatever other negative emotion came up to get to this Joy-Filled place of where I am now.

After last summer of trying to juggle my Coaching clients and two five year olds and a seven year old, I made the decision that when my children had vacation, I would not meet with my clients.  That was a BIG choice and a scary one! My Ego did not cotton to that idea one bit! The questions/comments that immediately began flying around in my noggin were: "You can't just abandon your clients!", Can you even afford to do that??", "What if they go some place else?", "What if they don't need you anymore?"

You get the picture. 

I am happy to say that I was able to shush those voices, not overnight, mind you, and from a powerful decision place, decide to do just that! I am going to BE in the moment and play Hard with my little munchkins and Trust the Universe that " It is Always working out for me!"

My little nuggets are only this young for such a brief window. They still think I'm the best thing since sliced bread. They still want to jump into my arms. They still want snuggles and smoochy kisses!

Cain't put no price tag on that...EVER!!!!

Make this summer how you WANT it! Heck, make this Moment how you want it!

Make your summer and your Life, Magical and Miraculous!