Chilmark, MA

"Working with Laura was like sitting down with an old and trusted friend. She cleverly mixed empathy and self examination with the softest touch and the kindest heart. Laura asked me to explore my habits and my health in a way I could not have done alone. With extraordinary patience, she encouraged me to look at the way I treat myself and how that makes me feel. Part therapy, part vitamin. Part new year's resolution. I feel lucky to have had an opportunity to work with such a lovely person as Laura."

Edgartown, MA

"Laura Denman has helped me to realize my self worth, not just through diet and exercise but from helping me to connect with my authentic self. I not only have the tools to take care of my physical body but I now have the ability to nurture all aspects of my life. I am exceedingly grateful to have her in my life!"

Edgewater, NJ

"I would guess most people initially seek out a nutritionist because they want to lose weight. Who doesn’t want to shed a few or more pounds?... but I also had other, broader goals of health and well-being. I wanted to partner with someone who would view me holistically, taking into account my entire “person”--the particulars of my body in the context of my head.
I found that person in Laura Denman at Abundant Life Nutrition. In a series of bi-monthly sessions, some in person and some via Facetime, punctuated by countless interim e-mails or phone calls, Laura’s gentle and well-informed coaching, sprinkled with just the right measure of humor, opened my eyes in so many ways. I became aware of how many chemicals I was subjecting my body to... I was shown how I could find natural substitutes for refined sugars and seek a dietary balance that would not leave me feeling deprived or hungry.
Laura set me on a path, not one of quick fixes that would serve for a moment and then disappear when old habits re-emerged, but one of knowledge and understanding that would establish new and sustainable habits for eating and living well.
Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks, especially when you have the right instructor with all the right tools. That’s Laura Denman and Abundant Life Nutrition."

Vineyard Haven,MA

Laura's approach to health and wellness allowed me to achieve more than just better physical health. I feel a grace and ease that has filtered into every part of my life and for which I am so grateful. She clearly has expertise in her field, but Laura's wisdom extends beyond that. She is an attentive listener whose thoughtful responses provided me with insight and perspective. I am a stronger and more centered person because of my time with Laura. AND I MEAN IT!!!