I grew up in a Southern family where girls were offered fruit salad for dessert and boys were offered a slice of chocolate cake...yeah like that didn’t make me want the entire cake!!!!

My southern upbringing was also a perfectionist oriented one where I knew it was ok to be a doctor or a lawyer, but not ok to be a garbage collector....but, as I say now, if you haven’t seen your doctor or lawyer or garbage collector in three months, who would you rather see? 

With this as my foundation, I started the road to binging and dieting and excessive exercising in my teenage years and continued through my mid-20s. Around then the binging stopped, as I realized that I was angry at other people and things yet taking it out on myself, yet I was still chronically thinking about my weight, my body and pretty much hating on both things. 

Listening to my body wasn’t even on my radar screen so much so that I became ill to the point of being practically bedridden. I suffered from Chronic Fatigue syndrome. My life as I knew it had ceased to be. Western medicine had no idea what to do with me except a steady diet of antibiotics and some stimulants to keep the infections at bay and to give me some energy, Neither of which worked; they only seemed to make me sicker. I began reaching out to other kinds of care-acupuncture, guided self healing, nutritional supplements, etc. That was an humbling experience and I would LIKE to say that I got it immediately, but I needed constant reminding that if I didn’t begin to listen to my bodily wisdom and intuition then I was never getting up. Although a slow learner, I began this evolution towards living, eating and exercising INTUITIVELY. I realized that if I did listen on this deeper level to myself then I always got it right and that life seemed to unfold with a natural grace and ease.

I eventually started to reprogram my thoughts about me, about life,and what the universe wanted to give me. Slowly but surely, I started to see this monumental shift in me and everything around me.That was truly amazing, seeing how my thoughts influence everything that I am and everything that comes my way.

My journey now is one of experiencing all the nourishing yummy things that life has to offer and to be a support in helping my clients manifest amazing, abundant, joyful things in their lives as well.